A simple, gentle and innovative routine for mums with bumps and new mums looking to stay active during and after their pregnancy.
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  1. This is so wonderful. It mimics the classes taught by my favorite instructor … but modified for pregnancy. I feel so good today. Thank you. I will now use this as my EVERY MORNING prenatal yoga routine.

    I am pregnant with twins… my doctor said prenatal yoga is safe. This routine is still appropriate for me, correct?

  2. That was really helpful…i tried doing yoga a few times during my first trimester and it wasn't nearly this hard! i'm currently 26 weeks so this really helps me stretch out everything sore….thank you 🙂

  3. Hi Cathy! This exercise really helps me to ease my headaches n joint cramps. Thank I so much for posting this video!! Also, may I know how many rounds of this exercise is acceptable for a day?

  4. This was so lovely to do. Thank you for sharing your instruction! Do you have any flow videos on your DVD? I would love to do a whole flow, but actually, I thought it was nice to have this video broken into sections as a starting point. I paused and took some time to reconnect with my breath and maybe get a sip of water between sections, which is nice since I wasn't as active as I should have been during my first trimester. I'm just now trying to get into some prenatal yoga since I enjoyed yoga so much before my pregnancy. Thanks again!

  5. Hello! I'm 27 yrs old, this is my 1st pregnancy and I'm 14 wks pregnant goin 15. I would love to try this yoga starting my 2nd trimester. I just have a question, I sometimes experience spotting. Is it safe for me and my baby to practice yoga? I'd probably do this every other day for 20 mins. Also on this video, most of the exercises, legs are wide open, shouldn't it cause your cervix to open as well? I'm actually avoiding it since 1st trimester. Thanks inadvance for response/s. God bless us. 🙂

  6. thank you! I have the second trimester of pregnancy… it's just what I was looking for! by the way, try to search exercises for pregnant on сoursmos… check it for exercises for pregnancy…

  7. Nice routine, thanks! Just a suggestion- it would have been helpful to know up front the various gear needed (yoga strap/towel, straw, bolsters, blankets, etc.). It was a bit frustrating to have to keep getting up mid-practice to grab different items. Thanks!


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