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  1. 2 Questions.

    1. Our entire food chain is photosynthesis dependent.
    2. It is not O2 that we require, it is the right %age of oxygen that we need. 21% no photosynthesis means this ratio will decline and toxicity of CO2 will occur.


  2. I am in tears at the perfection of your work. You always tie every little piece of your work into a point, to where when you say "and as always, thanks for watching" I get chills every time. You inspire me greatly. I hope to meet you one day.

  3. We could fall into a new orbit provided we dont collide any of the other planets still orbiting the missing sun, an asteroid, a comet, or fly straight into another star

  4. Few questions I have after watching this:
    1. Would the Earth still rotate after the sun's disappearance?
    2. What would be the odds of colliding into another planet, given the rest of them would also follow a straight tangent line after the sun's dissapearance?


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