Italo Labignan, the host of Canadian Sportfishing demonstrates the best rod and reel combo to catch migratory rainbow trout.

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  1. Hi Italo, Here you are using spinning reel, but I saw similar long spinning guide centerpin float rod use centerpin reel. I also saw people use shorter guide rod( like bait casting  rod) with centerpin. I'm going to make a float rod for me and buy a centerpin reel(can't make) and thinking what kind of guide I use and how long the rod blank I should buy for mostly fishing in Vedder River. I use both spinning and baitcasting, but I saw most cool anglers use centerpin.

  2. Most anglers use drift-rods to drift-fish with either a bottom-bouncing rig, or a float rig. They drift with spawn-sacks, single imitation salmon eggs, steelhead beads, and flies. Even though drift-rods are not designed for casting & retrieving lures, you could cast spinners, Kwikfish, and small spoons….God bless you, Italo

  3. In fast current I either bottom-bounce using a few split-shot/spawn sack to fish near the bottom, or a larger float/heavier sinkers to slow down my float-drift so I am fishing close to the bottom…God bless you, Italo

  4. Excellent! In faster current I either bottom-bounce using a few split-shot sinkers and hook (heavy enough to keep my presentation close to the bottom), or I go with a larger float/heavier weight to slow-down my float-drift so I am fishing the same depth near the bottom….God bless you, Italo

  5. In the Great Lakes tributaries most anglers use 8 lb. test as their main line along with a lighter fluorocarbon leader. On the west-coast where anglers fish for native steelhead and Pacific salmon in big rivers for big fish, 17 lb. test is not too heavy….God bless you, Italo

  6. This is a very common rig for fishing smaller tributaries for migratory trout where the water is shallower (less than 10' deep) and the current flow slower (slower than 2 mph). Since the current is always faster on the surface and slower near the bottom, the staggered split-shot sinkers (with slightly larger near the top and smaller getting to the leader), allows the rig to be set so it drifts at current speed with the spawn-sack at the disired depth….God bless you, Italo

  7. @SuperCanuck101 Of course you can and it works great allowing you farther casts with light set-ups, a faster gear ration than a center-pin and versatility of casting artificials as well as drifting…God bless you, Italo


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