In SPIDER-MAN™2, the latest installment in the blockbuster SPIDER-MAN™ series, based on the classic Marvel Comics hero, TOBEY MAGUIRE returns as the mild-mannered Peter Parker, who is juggling the delicate balance of his dual life as college student and a superhuman crime fighter. Peter’s life becomes even more complicated when he confronts a new nemesis, the brilliant Otto Octavius (ALFRED MOLINA) who has been reincarnated as the maniacal and multi-tentacled “Doc Ock.” When Doc Ock kidnaps MJ (KIRSTEN DUNST), Spider-Man must swing back into action as the adventure reaches new heights of unprecedented excitement.”SPIDER-MAN 2 outdoes the original by leaps and bounds.” – Jeff Giles, NEWSWEEK “The Best Superhero Movie I’ve Ever Seen!” – Roger Ebert, EBERT & ROEPER MPAA Rating: PG-13 Motion Picture ©2004 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved.



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