Relaxing Piano Music. is an Exellent Instrumental Background and Healing Music for Mind Relaxation, Study, Focus and Concentration, Stress Relief, Yoga, Massage, Meditation, Sound Healing, Music Therapy or Just Your Daily Afterwork Relaxation.

Relax your mind and Body
Light, dreamy, floating high above the ground music composition that will help you to tune in a positive way and gather your thoughts. Fantastic and Romantic Piano Melody with Soothing
Violin and Cello Notes. This Inspirational Music Video will make you ready to give joy and happiness to others all around you instantly!

Music “Life” by Grey Houston:

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Have a Perfect Meditation!


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Original language of this video description is English. All other translations were made by Google Translator. Sorry for any inconvenience !!!


  1. Thanks for relaxing tones. "Heal Thou the sicknesses that have assailed the souls on every side, and have deterred them from directing their gaze towards the Paradise that lieth in the shelter of Thy shadowing Name…." – Baha'i Prayer

  2. Thank you for posting such awesome music!
    It is really relaxing, cleansing and mindfulness.
    I like to listen to this music for a few minutes with closed eyes – dreaming and relaxing after a stressful day….
    I also use it as a background when working or cleaning my house.


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