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Young people like to dance. The young mind is more connected to the healthy body. The music has the power to move the body and to make the mind happy. In this wonderful video we can young dancers who are flexible and powerful. The young body is able to perform amazing movements. The athletic people in this video are all at the high level of their personal growth. The powerful dance of the young people can be very inspirational and very entertaining to watch.

The culture is changing with time. The dance does change with the culture. The young people try to create their own culture and their own ideas that combine the ideas from the past. In this video we can see the combination of the traditional break-dance styles with the combination of modern dance and modern style of dancing in public.

The modern break-dance is a modern invention of the young people. The break-dance is connected to athletic movements and acrobatic tricks. The young dancers are able to perform amazing acrobatic movements that seem to be impossible. The dancers do play with the gravity. The legs and the body of the dancers is able to create a strong velocity that is able to escape the force of the gravity. is very happy about this.

The break-dance has a funny name. The dance is designed to break the body. The best dancers are able to perform the acrobatic tricks with a lot of safety. It is very important to be flexible and to have a healthy body. The break-dance is only safe for the people who know the limits of their own body. It is very easy to forget about the physical limits. The dancers dance so well, that we can forget that this dance is very difficult to perform. The break-dance does require a lot of training and practice. The dancers learn their favorite tricks. The young dancers combine their tricks into one performance. There are very difficult tricks in the art of the break-dance. The spinning movements do require a lot of trust into the body.

The spinning body of the dancers is able to generate an energy that is greater than the force of the gravity. It is very important to keep the velocity of the spin. The modern break-dance is also good for the people who have flexible bones. There are many movements that do require flexibility, but no athletic power. The art of the break-dance is diverse and deep, there is space for every young person.

The history of the break-dance is young. The roots of the break-dance are in the American culture of the black people who wanted to perform dance movements in front of their friends. The young men do always want to be better than other young men. This emotional motivation is very visible in the art of the break-dance. The modern groups of dancers have an alternative atmosphere within the group. Each member of the group has to contribute to the athletic performance of the group. Each individual dancers has to complete the group.

The dancers with different abilities can form a good group for the art of the break-dance. There are young people who can spin their legs very well. There are dancers that can move like a robot. There are people who are able to walk without lifting their feet. The diversity and the differences can make a group of young dancers more interesting. We can be happy about this.

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