Calm brings balance and lightness. Balance and lightness bring inner peace and serenity.

lovely pan flute music to chill and to relax. Music for thinking and music to remember. Background music, film music and incidental music. Instrumental music in its most beautiful way!

blue light orchestra ….. emotional, harmonious instrumental music by Peter Heaven

more great songs with flute

-el gran pájaro-

-the place of my life-

-sunrise in ireland-

– NON STOP MUSIC – best instrumental flute music to dream –

CD blue light orchestra:

website :


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  1. Hello my dear Angel
    Wonderful music
    You made a fantastic video., I liked very much.. ^^
    Thumbs up
    Thank you so much for being a lovely friend to me.
    Have a lovely day and great week.
    Love from my heart to yours from Terka
    g + removed my channel terka606
    I now have a new channel on the name Teresa Gavalierová.
    I subbed you, Would you please sub back? Thank you so much


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