Blessing Baloyi (26) bought his Toyota Tazz for R20 000 and then spent another R80 000 pimping it up!

By: Kamogelo Muvhenzhe


  1. i tell you now he did not spend 80k on that car id say more like another 20k the wheels are just hub caps and tyres look smooth and the interior like that would be like 5k and the matt black wrap is like 3k the front left fender does not line up with the door and the sticker bomb stickers are coming off too the bonnet dose not close lambo door kit is like 5k i know its his pride n joy but dont claim you spent 80k on it unless you got ripped off and the whole drive in a circle thing really dude put the car in second gear and the steering at full lock and fit a remote start to it and the car will go in circles till u push the button again and there are systems the if u clap it starts the car or turns it off no joke its really something a guy would put in his car for what reason a guy would do that who knows maybe to do what this dude did

  2. He has got the clapper system, notice he claps his hands each time. which then starts the car and its probably in 1st gear as he pulled that stunt. some houses on american tv shows have clappers to switch the lights on and off.


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