Healing, Balancing, and Opening Your Chakras with Exercises, Foods, Colors


  1. I just want to know. Why do you play in the upper ranges of the keyboard? That is terribly caustic on the ears and within the head. Especially when wearing a headset i.e. when wearing a set of headphones . I'm a professional vocalist and I know soothing notes. Be careful what you play, and please Keep in mind the state of mind when tranquil or tranquility is being sought overall. Thanks.

  2. JOHN 3 : 14 kundalini
    LUKE 2 : 35 kundalini
    LUKE 8 : 2 çakra balancing
    REV 7 : 3 ajna çakra
    REV 9 : 4 ajna çakra
    MAT 6 : 22 ajna çakra
    MAT 6 : 6 meditation
    JOHN 1 : 51 double sight 🙂

  3. This video is so great Immediately I get relaxed, happy, relived, and feel like I am floating in the sky. Thanks to whoever provided the video doing so much good to all 


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