In this video, Dr. Eric Goodman will educate you on how this simple series of safe bodyweight movements will help you strengthen your posterior chain. Movement is the key to helping you alleviate back pain, increase athletic performance and lead a richer, pain free life. Enjoy!

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  1. I will start these stretches and work on lower back pain .I have lower right pain from either my back operation 30 years ago or from a new problem . Hope it works , I do believe the body can heal with the right training and help.

  2. Deborah if you were to post a video instead of nonsense comments I could actually help you. And who is the she of FT that helped you? How about emailing a photo or video of yourself in the pose and asking for assistance instead of badmouthing the positions I've put out there, for free, which have helped multiple thousands of people.

  3. Yes, I have received a reply and it is the right one. I did have some contact with the foundation a few months after I started this damaging stretch. She advised me to make a few adjustments in the way I was stretching, very slight. No one advised me to stop I finally figured out it was the stretch that was causing problems in a joint that has an underlying malfunction. Things have gone from sore to much much worse. I now need physiotherapy. PEOPLE be careful, this is NOT a one size fits all. Strange, on this video, there is no warning.

  4. Started this exercise about 1 year ago, it really hurt my right lower
    back, and now the problem is worsening. I am in pain and I cannot walk
    when I rise from a sitting position. feels like the sacroiliac joint is
    out of position. i have to push it back into place before I can walk. I
    do not advise this stretching over the internet. too many variables and
    no one to help you. I am an active person, in good health and not
    overweight. BE AWARE!

  5. Hello Deborah.  I've been using Foundation Training in my clinic for the past two years.  The Pre-Founder goes home with every new patient I care for.  Your complaint is fairly common and resides once the patient modifies their technique.  Here's what seems to work: Perform the first position ONLY until your pain is gone.  This should take at most 10 days. Progress to position 2 (doing #1 and 2 only) for another week or two to build up your strength and endurance.  I have patient's hold the 3 positions for 20-30 seconds and encourage them to repeat 5 times per day (every time you go to the restroom has been a sensible routine).  Forgive the long response and I hope you stick with this very effective program.  John Belde DC

  6. I am overweight, and this past month have developed lower back pain with some severe muscle spasms. Watching this video I want to try this but am afraid of the muscle spasms happening. Has anyone else used this exercise with lower back pain? I am desperate to strengthen my core and what I see here makes sense to my brain, but that fear if pain causes me to hesitate.

  7. I am in a great deal of pain on my right side after I started to stretch this way. I have had a lot of stiffness after I worked at this stretch 2x a day, my back went into a terrible painful spasm, has been for 2 weeks now. The right side was a problem since I had an accident in Jan 2012, stiff and painful. I thought this stretch would help. I am getting pain in the right side mainly, in the gluteus medius, as far as I can tell. i feel it is muscular. I wonder if it is breaking up scar tissue and I need to more gently persist.

  8. Wow, this looks very scary for anyone that has ever had lower back issues. Her hips are at an anterior tilt, she is leaning forward at a dangerous angle and her ribcage is open in front. I would never give this to a client with back issues. To engage the TA she needs to actually soften the abdominals first so she can bring them in toward the spine, and then move. This she did not do. The narrator said she should use the TA but he didn't guide her to do so.

  9. Some of my patients needs this step to enable them to get enough hamstring capacity to do the full Founder exercise. As they grow stronger and more confident they progress to being able to do more.

  10. A great whole body exercise.  Could you please clarify whether the tail actively reaches back into space with the pelvis or does it tuck forward while being carried back with the pelvis. You say, "tucking the tail away from you" but tucking usually means that it rolls underneath you toward the front – in this case, do you mean back and up toward the back of the head or down and forward the front of your feet?  Thanks so much for your reply and for sharing your valuable work. 

  11. Great channel! I've been searching for high quality videos like yours for way too long. One question, is it normal for the lower back to burn during this exercise? Or was I simply arching (somewhat anterior pelvic tilt like) too much? Thank you!

  12. I try to avoid using the expression "pull the navel toward the spine" because it is so tempting to round the lumbar to try to comply.
    I find that saying pull the spine toward the navel gives the right signal to the client and avoids having to give a series of corrective instructions.

  13. Hi Eric. Rocky Marciano was supposed to have such a hard punch that opponents dropped their arms from exhaustion. If you look at pictures of him, he's not very muscular. He connected his chain with his big lower body muscles. You are spot on with this I do believe.

  14. Great stuff Eric and I can feel the benefits already. Just wondering – is it normal to feel tension in the quads during this exercise or am I doing something wrong? Thank you. 

  15. Sam, the only way to truly alter anterior pelvic tilt is to rebalance adductors, iliacus, transverse abdomen, low back, glutes and hamstrings. It takes the muscles directly connected to the pelvis to alter it's angle, especially in movement. My new dvd, November of 2013, is important for you, it does the balancing rather well.

  16. Hey Tim, there is no such thing as a perfect system, we of course have people that disagree with certain aspects of Foundation Training. Most of us just think they are nuts. Our new work adds layers and new exercises to our current imperfect system. Thank you kindly for the supportive words. – eric

  17. This is the first I've heard about Using the TA. Isn't that anterior chain? I've played around with TA & an contractions in Founders. I find it creates a 'battle' with the posterior chain muscles you I want used in FT exercises. Could you please say more about this? Thank you!

  18. Awesome as always, I am still deciding on the book and/or video, curiously, I have never seen any negative feedback what so ever…Dr. Eric, has anybody ever had a negative thing to say about this?


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