a short film about life, death & love of a savior.
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Need to get right with God? Be Forgiven.

(It is not required for you to pray the following words in order for you to be forgiven — all that is needed is faith in Jesus. But this PRAYER can be a helpful guide for what to pray.)

Jesus — I believe that you love me. Throughout my life I’ve sinned, I’ve hurt people, I’ve lied, I’ve cheated, stolen…

I’m sorry.

Jesus, I believe that you are God.
I believe that you came to Earth in the form of man
you experienced the same things as me
and yet you never sinned.

I believe that You became human, not to judge me, but to save me.
Even though you are Loving, You are Holy.
You can’t ignore my sin. The payment of death is required.

I believe You sacrificed your sinless life for all of my sins.
You were nailed to a cross made of wood, and You died, in my place, for my sin.
And I believe that after being dead for 3 days, You rose from the dead — You came back to life.

Jesus, I believe You are alive. And now you offer me that same Life.

Please forgive my sins. Take all of them, help me to give them to You.
I can’t pay the debt.
I know You can.

I ask for Your Holy Spirit to make a home within me. Please, talk to me — let me know You personally.

Please bring me back to life.



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Read Jesus’ Words.

Jesus is the Word made flesh. Read the Bible. He will bring it to life for you.


Find A Community & Be Discipled.

It’s important to have other Jesus followers around You. Together, we become the body of Christ. (Just make sure the church you choose believes that Jesus literally lived, died, and came back to life.)
Pray for God to lead you to the right community.



1. How does it make you feel to know God made you and loves you?

Script: “You. Look at your eyes. Look at them. Speckled. Colorful. Each one unique. And I created every one of them. I created — everything. The universe. And you. I gave you your personality. I made you pure. Complex. And every day I give you life. I love you.”

2. How does it change the way you see your own sin hearing it described as “Cheating on God” or “Not trusting God” or “Cutting yourself off from God”?

Script: “But something happened. You cheated on me. You didn’t trust me. You sinned. You cut yourself off from me. And although you’re still alive… you are slowly dying.”

3. What things have you tried in order to fill void that the video talks about?

Script: “So you looked for other things… To fill the void. But nothing works. It just kills you faster. And it separates us more and more… What are you searching for?”

4. How does it affect your view of Jesus by hearing He doesn’t want you to die, He took on your sins, and traded His life for yours?

Script: “I don’t want you to die. I created you. Not to be destroyed. But to know me. So I became one of you. A fragile creation. I was tempted. But I never sinned. I came to save you. You have so many sins. And they have a cost. Someone has to die. You — or Me. So I took on your sin. And traded in my life for yours. And I died, in your place. Because I love you.”

5. Where are you on the journey of following Jesus?

Script: “Then — I rose from the dead. I am the Way. The Truth. And the Life. I am Jesus. I’m not here to condemn you. I came to bring you back to life. Rely on me. I will forgive you. And give you eternal life. I love you. And I did all of this, to have a relationship, with you. Will you follow me?”

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