Eisbrecher- Fanatica. German & English lyrics. Enjoy.

We’re dancing electric
totally hectic
We’re swinging fantastic
We’re spinning narcotic
We’re dancing the rhythm
with which I must go

Feed my fire
Let me put some
dust on your face
Heat my wire
You make me feel ecstatic
Make me dance fanatic tonight

Dance Fanatica
Dance Fanatica

We’re dancing electric
totally hectic
We’re floating erotic
We’re moving cryptic
We’re dancing ecstatic
We’re dancing fanatic

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  1. This song is hardcore badass. So many moods and situations can be inspired by just this one song alone. It's music like this that makes me thankful for the repeat button's invention.

  2. I've heard that NDH is a mix of of Industrial Metal and Electronic music, but it is also quite a vague genre. and on top of all that I have also heard that Eisbrecher is sometimes called Tanz Metal (dance metal)

  3. don't you think they can be considered in the NDH since Alex has come from megaherz which was one of the founding groups of the genre? Although, they sound like electro, they are ALMOST always classified as NDH.

  4. therfore the Neue Deutsche Härte, is a genre. Although you are right thet Eisbracher is an electro-industrial (it is not hard rock exactlly) it is also an industrial metal band, therefore, is considered within this group beyond what they say, and the affinity of NDH to a exact movement has never been clear.

  5. Not surprise me if one day you'll run out of friends, you're a cocksucker, A genre is a category that brings together musical compositions that share various affinity criteria. These criteria can be specifically music, such as rhythm, instrumentation, harmonic or melodic characteristics or structure, and also not based on musical characteristics, such as geographic region of origin, historical period, the sociocultural or other broader aspects of a particular culture now you know what's a genre

  6. No, Eisbracher is Electro + Hard Rock while Rammstein is Indstrial Metal. Also Eisbrecher do not consider themselves to be part of the Neue Deutsche Härte, which is no genre, btw.


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