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  1. I'm going to make the call… bull shit! It doesn't matter how many trajectories or circles you make in any elliptical fashion. You still can't make it work. The earth is stretched out and it ain't moving. Up is up and down is down. The word of God is truth and that's the facts. Christ is in me, God is my Father.

  2. People think that the flat earth is so unrealistic without even bothering to look into it objectively but which is easier to believe? That we're on a ball tiled at 23.4 degrees, spinning around about 1,000 mph, rotating around the sun at 66,600 mph, which is forever expanding away from the center of a galaxy at 45,000 mph and is surrounded by infinite galaxies and are insignificant relatives of monkeys? Or that the earth is stationary with everything rotating around it? That would mean that we're significant and that the universe revolves around us. Maybe they deceive us because they fear the consequences of the truth. but simple math and the fact that NASA has done a terrible job trying to cover this up. Research Challenger crew still alive…a huge coincidence or it was the greatest deception in human history. Now think if it were true for a second, could you imagine the great lengths the governments would go in order to insure the public is unaware.

  3. Can someone please explain why the highest recorded temperature at the south pole is 9.9 degrees F where the highest recorded temperature at the north pole is 55 degrees F? During the southern hemisphere's winter, the sun is over 3 million miles closer to earth. The southern hemisphere should experience much more extreme conditions in its winter and summer but this is not the case. The earth is not even 10,000 in diameter and the sun is supposedly 93,000,000 miles away. I find it very hard to believe that a few thousand miles has a larger impact on the westher than the 3,000,000 miles closer the sun is to earth during the south's winter. This should make a much greater difference. Life and vegetation is also much different at each of the poles. I'm sure NASA has spme confusing made up theory to explain this. Just like that the curvature of the earth cannot be measured….because there is no curvature.

  4. hi. Aryan, I'm Jayanti.
    I want you a question.
    1:- How we can see mercury, Venus, Mars & other planets on Earth
    at night (like as a star)?
    please say me…..
    Plz make a video give
    me more information.

  5. I'm Confused..
    I thought the north pole spun around the sun every year explaining why 12:00 pm in January 1 would also be ~12:00pm (11:00 am or 1:00 pm depending on daylight savings) in July 1. But if the north pole points the same way the whole year how is 12:00PM on one end of the orbit not midnight at the other end (see 5:23)?

  6. As soon as I knew the earth rotates around the sun I realized it was in a helix, as was the solar system in a helix around it's path in the universe and that in a helix in the galaxy and that in a helix with all the other whirlling masses in the entirety of being. This video is a nice in a nutshell explanation of the way it all works. Eloquently portrayed. Thank you!

  7. I thought this was gonna be one of those videos that explain everything that i already knew, but then he came with the change of eccentricity, the change of rotation axis and the variation of the tilt of the orbital plane. This was pretty enjoyable to watch.
    Just adding one thing: the closer the earth (or any other planet) is from the sun, the faster it revolves around it, that's the main reason for a shorter / longer duration of a season in the given example.
    And i also loved the example of the combined precession of the rotation axis together with the precession of earth's orbit around the sun.

  8. nice video, except for the advice at the very end about the age question. That is what a geek would do and look like a tool for it. Stick to science 🙂

  9. it's crazy how just a few degrees in the earths access can greatly effect our weather for thousands of years. during the max tilt stage the ice age occured, but then after 50,000 years the earth started to decrease in tilt 10,000 years ago and that's when the ice age ended and  the warm age began that we are in today and will contiue to be in for the next 9,000 years. then  earth will start to increase its access tilt once more, which will eventually spawn another ice age for the next 50,000 years. hopefully by 11,000 AD we would have already terraformed mars or at least be in the process of doing so and be living there where another ice age once it occured wouldn't have any drastic effect on humanity as a whole by then.

  10. Imagine we just cannot comprehend the complexities of only one 'SIMPLE' aspect of rotation of the Earth around the Sun!?
    And imagine the wisdom of the One and the Only Who has created all this universe!?

  11. What a load of shit. Especially the reason for colder warmer seasons. To expect anyone to believe the northern hemisphere is warmer when tilted closer to the sun than the southern hemisphere is ridiculous. Apparently a few thousand miles of earth tilted towards the sun 93 million miles away makes such drastic difference in temperature. What a load of bullshit. Also any model one can create to signify the earths rotation and movement around the sun will always prove that there should be a consistently constant change in time zone on every part of the earth as it spins and falls towards and away from the sun itself. However such logic is discarded and explained away by claiming the earth spins 361 degrees instead of 360 and this explanation still does not explain how noon is always noon all throughout the year accept during daylight savings time. Daylight savings is due to the sun moving up and down the earth from northern hemisphere to southern and back again throughout the yearly process. Such a thing makes much more sense on a flat model not a tilting, wobbling, spinning, falling model in which we are all lead to believe. But of course if a video says its true even if it makes no sense then it must be true because some people are just to dumb to critically scrutinize their indoctrination's.

    Don't even get me started on the sun moving also as well as pulling everything in the solar system with it around a galaxy in which itself is moving and the fact such motions have never been detected an proven other than the slowest of them all in which is apparently due to the earths spin. Fuck Einstein and anyone who simply follows what TV and media claim to be true and a genius. Apparently Hitler was the most evil man in the world and yet Joseph Starling murdered twice the amount of people and doesn't even get a mention in such a debate of who is and who is not the most evil man from such times. Like Nikola Tesla for instance who created much more things in which society relies upon today in comparison to Einstein creating basically nothing.

  12. what you say is earth has a tilt and vobble and every 26 thousand years new pole star arrive and still you discussed it with seasonal change.
    you should say that it is so small that we should neglect it and proceed further, still he is showing it in every revolution around the sun and you still saying that over next period of cycle you get exactly same pole star again even if you disagree galactic circle, space expansion, solar rotation around galaxy, yet we should believe you, foooool. keep this shit with yourself, don't make fool out of people, if you can't educate properly don't guide them to falsehood.

  13. the explanation of the suns movement here contradicts literally hundreds if not thousands of other videos that show a different suns path through the solar system. those videos are attempting to debunk 'flat earthers"…and they are created by those who believe globe theory….seems someone is quite confused.


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