Please understand that this video is not for everybody. If you feel that you are capable of performing this operation, by all means do it! And good luck. If you don’t feel confident or have much to loose, Please take your drive to a recovery lab. There are labs references in my first video.

If you are feeling generous Please feel free to donate a few bucks here is the address: $5 $10 Whatever you want.

Adapter is called SATA to USB adapter just look it up on ebay or amazon costs about $6. Please Watch entire video before attempting any repairs!

Please see the original video:

This video is where I go in more depth explaining more things in greater detail.


  1. Very professional, dear Sir! Throughout out the video, I learnt a lot of wisdom, really instructive. Feels comfortable just looking what you're doing and listening to what you say. Rarely have I come across such a tutorial. Hats off and all due respect to you.

  2. Hi, I was wondering if anyone had successfully used this method AND then continued to use the hard drive successfully after data recovery had been achieved? How long does a typical hard drive last for after this type of 'temporary' repair?

  3. Thank you so much for this video. I was able to fix my seagate external 1gb hard drive. I just wanted to ask you if hard drive would still be good for everyday use or should i just get a bigger external and transfer all data? What drove me crazy was that HD fell on a floor with rug not more than 2 feet. Thanks again

  4. I just come to this video to tell you that i have 250 GB WD hard drive that i fixed 5 years ago and its inside of my old laptop and still working with no problems at all . I put windows 10 on it and give it to my father .I guess im lucky or my hard drive is just ROCK SOLID 😀

  5. My PS4 mistakenly fell and stopped loading and making that click sounds .. Could it be hard drive and can it be fixed as I don't wanna lose my whole data .. I've got 10 different games on it.

  6. This worked perfectly with my POS Seagate ST1000LM024. I had tons of family photos & videos when it wouldn't read, getting fast beeps for about 15 seconds. Took no time, thanks again, beats the hell out of sending off for $300+!!!

  7. my hitachi harddrive does not have a torx in the center of the platter, it only has a little divot in the middle, how can i turn the platter? it does have 6 smaller trox in a circle around it.

  8. hello this is a great video!! question, my 2.5 Toshiba HDD is damaged and it makes neither works as usual but windows cannot recognize it and if it does, I cannot access it…I can see it in the drive list but if I open the drive, it takes some time for windows to work but then it just disappears…any ideas what might be the issue there? cause: once I hit my laptop quite hard, then the HDD died 🙂 thanks!

  9. HI!

    I have problem with my Western digital My passport, the harddrive spins hear the sound, have a frequens as a train and the light blinks, do you think that I should open it?

  10. Thanks for the info.. Maybe you can diagnosis my hard drive. My hard drive is a 4tb seagate. I get no media , in partition manager. when installed in the motherboard, or enclosure it still says no media. I tried changing out the sata board with the same revision and i got "disk not initialized " diskpart cannot initialize the disk or windows partition manager. I hear a loud beep sometimes and thats it.. can you help?

  11. This is not for someone who really wants to recover data at all regardless if it is important or not. This method is for the cheap bastards like me who don't want to buy a new hard drive yet. It is like an old beat up car that is on its last legs and it barely starting, the fuel pump is weak or maybe the compression is low. For now, it is cheaper to try to do some quick fixes on it to keep it running as long as possible than buying a new one. This is exactly the type of person this method is for.

  12. Great video not tried this yet plan to and yes I agree its just to get your files off of the drive itself. Common sense will tell you you got lucky (if it works) and that it may go out again at anytime and if it does it may not be able to be used again. It may function but not in the original context as it was made for. It's a patch at best in other words don't trust it, it would be like using a plastic bag to stop up a leak in a sinking boat sure it might work for a bit but no way in saving your bacon in the long run. Even, data recovery experts can not guarantee it. The ones I looked at was way to expensive for the average person, and then its only for like 30 days if that. So if this works make a back up of it and back that up as well. Make three copies one for you to use one work on a second one for the file drawer like a CD or another external hard drive. and the other in a safe location. Safe location off site or the cloud .

  13. I had exactly buzz sound on seagate 500gb SATA. Your video helped open the drive i did exactly moved the heads back to its park position. Now after that when I plugged back to windows. It's not recognizing filesystem and popup comes up to Format Disk. Did I miss something ?


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