Feel a Total and Complete Deep Relaxation with our New composition 8 Hours Stress Relief Relaxing Music. Deep Sleep Delta Waves Background for Meditation, Study, Yoga. This cosmic and calm Amazing Music Video with Delta Brain Waves is made to be Perfect for Your Daily Afterwork Relax, Deep Sleep , Stress Relief, Massage Procedures, Spa , Sound Healing , Mind Concentration , Balance or Different Yoga Technics . It Even can fit for just a little Minute Break in the middle of your working day.

Feel a real pleasure and inexpressible emotions by listening to our new heavenly Deep Sleep composition wich contains Delta Brain Waves. Usually they are generated in deepest meditation and dreamless sleep. Delta waves suspend external awareness and are the source of empathy. Healing and regeneration are stimulated in this state, and that is why deep restorative sleep is so essential to the healing process. Perfect fits for Deep Sleep, Meditation , Yoga and Music Healing.
Have a Good Relaxation!

Music by Grey Houston

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Our Music is Live on Web from 1st of February!


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  1. My grate gramma died when she was 97 and when ever she went to the hospital I was scared if she would die. One thing that I will never forget about her favorite relaxing music that she always listed to it so I can have a good time Remering about her.
    I will never forget about her because I love her and she is import for me like you gramma should be too
    Now sadly the same thing happened to my great gramma but he died when he was 104!
    I wish he was not died so I could see him every day!

  2. Does anyone else get vivid flashbacks with delta wave music? It makes me too awake to sleep, but for me this is perfect to listen to while reading or drawing 😉 Very lovely music and touching.

  3. any kind of meditation that soothes you .works 4 you and keeps our mind free and not busy is what is needed 4 all to have lasting calmness. be without hatred. .u will see much improvement in attitude

  4. In all honesty, this kinda reminds me of the last scene in the game SOMA. When the ARK was successfully launched into space and you see the Earth in its condition…Wow.
    But other than that, I love this music. Its soothing and helps me when I want to take a nap haha

  5. "We are limited by our bodies to what makes you and individual person, your inner demons will say that. Simply refuse, defeat them and live life like you should. Be good and love life and everyone even those who have wronged you, because at the end of the day as the moon rises. You may discover your demons are just as scared as you are, they deal with as much as you do, you simply don't understand what they've been through. They don't understand you either, we learn and develop; learn from our mistakes, learn from our demons as they do you! With love, care, hope and prosperity; may you sleep happy, not bound by what's in the past. May you and your demons fly free as you earn enlightenment. Fly up, high as the clouds, fly forward and never look back!

    Keep a happy outlook on like no matter what, be optimistic! May we form to better our future for all life and eventually work towards our reward. Our motive in life may not be clear, but we're blind lamb when you think about it. Running to our shepherds call as he may heal our sight!
    That shepherd is god, our almighty father with love and hope in his heart whom only wishes to love us and himself…" – Me

  6. just months ago
    You worried about losing everything
    Just months ago you dreaded the morning light
    Just months ago
    You worried about tomorrow

    One month ago you embraced life's challenge
    One month ago you fell into your own light
    Just one month ago you woke with a smile

    Today you're ready and see hope for tomorrow
    Today you know your right where you are…
    You're happy to be

    Every breath every step you recover remarkably
    – me

  7. I love this one so… much I have listen to so many. yea, it didn't make me fall asleep, but the music goes with the picture stare at it long enough you get distance you feel like your in space heading to the moon. the last one I use I didn't like so much u had a picture of a head and a brain that's like advertising no one want that that want relaxation no train of thought and that's what this is…. I LOVE IT, I use this every night to fall asleep or drift away,


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