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  1. 2007: I listen to The Black Keys
    2008: I read a dumb youtube comment about how Black Keys and White Stripes basically make a piano
    2009: I'm a huge White Stripes fan
    2010: Oh, "Walking With a Ghost" is just a cover, it's originally by Tegan and Sara
    2011: Huge Tegan and Sara fan, watching their DVD, a making of their Album, producer seems like a cool guy
    2011: Chris Walla has a band? I'll check it out
    2017: Let's go on a nostalgia trip and listen to all the old bands I used to love

    took me a while to get here : ^)

  2. The first single from Kintsugi, the melancholy song is likely titled after the Seattle sculpture of the same name by the artist Isamu Noguchi. It has long been speculated that the Soundgarden song "Black Hole Sun" came from the same artwork, but according to their frontman Chris Cornell the origins of the title lie in a phrase he misheard on the news.


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