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  1. Short but very sweet! I made it through with some modifications. Can't do pushups, so I did fast runs lifting my knees up to my chest while holding onto the back of a chair in place of them. The stutter jacks I did half jacks with my arms up halfway with some bounce. Have shoulder issues. Otherwise, I could do the rest! I'm 56 years old! And still moving LOL!

  2. I love your guy's workouts but I have carpal tunnel so I can't do things that require me to be on my hands and feet like regular push ups or walk-down pushups. What are good alternatives for these things?

  3. Workout complete woop woop!!! 25.04.2017 – 4.26AM. And tomorrow is PFT, you know what that means, Hooollliddayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

  4. Wow I remember doing this workout about 3 years ago, I felt nothing! turns out it's because I was doing all of the exercises wrong. Great workout!!! Thanks fitness blender

  5. Honestly you both motivate me a lot and I really enjoy krissi more as I am a girl and she kinda helps me out more (no offense Daniel I do your workouts to) both of you are so motivating as you are a husband and wife team. I have lost about 8 pounds ever since I started doing hour long workouts. Keep doing what you do because it's amazing. ❤❤

  6. Love these workouts. Thanks a mil. I do get migraine while exercising though. I drink lots of water seldom juice. But….. These headaches hard to shake off. Has to be some logical reason. I had c section 5 months ago but I feel fine. Love these workouts . Lost loads of weight. Blessings


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