Full Barre Workout Video to do at home. FREE 39 Minute Barre workout full program from upper body toning to lower body tightening to flattening those abs. It’s all here in this workout!

Workout Breakdown:


  1. I love all the "experts" on the internet! ; )
    This is not a heavy weight training video – the rep speed is brisk bc the weights are light. The squats are deep bc it is barre. Start with very light weight & the range of motion that you can do & progress. Perhaps it should just be labelled as NOT for beginners. Being a fellow fitness instructor, I appreciate this video! THANKS!

  2. i loved this workout.
    this is not for beginners!! the 100 squats were verrrrrry challenging. i guess if u do this 2-3 more times it will get easier..
    but it was a great workout

  3. Ok I just did this work out! Love it but I take back my last comment it is a little too fast. I had to pause a lot. But I'd still rather it be too fast than too slow. It burned a lot of calories for me!! This 40 minute workout took me 60 minutes but that's ok. I made it 🙂 Thanks Shauna!

  4. I am sorry but the speed of this is absurd if you want the individual to maintain proper form and get any benefit from the movements. I did not design this workout so there is no way that I can conceivably know the exercises that will appear before the appear. The only way I could move this fast is if I had memorized the full routine ahead of time. The exercises are fine but this is worst planning I have seen so far and I have done tons of exercise videos. I am going to do the whole thing but I wont do it again. Very disappointed

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  6. What an amazing workout!!!! May i ask if i can do all these while i breastfeed after 20minutes warm up with fast walk on the running machine? And if yes how many times in a week could help me to see results soon (while i eat healthy )? Thank you!


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