Sculpt and shrink your arms without using weights for that long, lean beautiful look.
5 Minutes of simple, easy to follow exercises that get you results.


  1. I can do this easier if I warm up my arms a bit then do some stretches, then I am able to hold form better when doing these. It is still difficult but my form is better.

  2. I started doing this and I was like, this is easy. Then 2 minutes in, ok, I feel it but not too bad, then 3 minutes in, looked like sponge bob when he needed water after being in sandy's house for too long.

  3. I have been doing this 5 days a week with the odd week,month,day off here and their (due to pregnancy) for a year, my arms were so fat before and shook really bad even had slight cellulite on tops of my arms, now I have very toned arms with only a slight wobble no cellulite … Will continue this fantastic arm workout…

  4. Guys, this works real good…

    I've been doing this workout for the past few months and yet it still burns during the workout
    I have a nice shoulder bump and they are real hard and strong
    The results showed in a few weeks, but I forgot to give a reply haha 😛

    I'd recommend ya'll to take another workout for your triceps and biceps as this mostly concentrates on your shoulder…

  5. Guys please do this video along with blogilate's 6 min to sexy arms!! I've done this for already a month around 4 times a week and i've never been happier with my arms; i can now wear sleeveless dresses and shirts 😀 😀 You can do it!!!!

  6. starting this today! I'll post my progress here every week I'm so exicted I hope this works my arms barley fit into any shirts I like because their so wide and then I'm embarrassed and go with a shirt that's WAY to big


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