Yowza! Do you have jaw tension or do you grind your teeth at night?

Karuna provides a super effective and easy-to-remember sequence that melts jaw tension. This ten-minute sequence is great during the day–but is also wonderful right before drifting off to sleep at night……(insert wondrous sigh here!).

You can also see her additional YouTube guided meditation to release jaw tension & speak your truth here:

Download Karuna’s full meditation programme, The Ten Qualities of a Powerful Mind:

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  1. this is amazing, been through 3 mouth guards and migranes, this relieves so much tension, thank you for putting this on youtube, not profiteering from others pain but generously giving your talents to help us relieve pain. AMAZING results. Thank you!!!

  2. I have been following your exercises daily for a few weeks and my jaw is starting to release. I am so much more aware of the part my neck tension plays in my jaw tension. I use my voice in my work so releasing jaw tension is essential. THANK YOU!

  3. The tension in my jaw muscles is so tight and painful that it is very difficult for me to apply pressure for very long. The pain is intense and feels as if it will just keep going and going. Additionally, my finger joints start to hurt from applying the pressure. Can you make any suggestions?

  4. This is outrageous how good this it! I've been grinding my teeth for years without understanding how to stop it. I actually googled this as I was getting another headache from doing it whilst working. I feel so much better!

    That said I realised just how tense my muscles are! Especially under my jaw, shocking. It might take a few days of practice before my muscles fully relax again! Thank you.

  5. I thought the exercises were very effective, just a bit hard for me because my jaw and neck tension is really extreme and my wrists are kind of weak. any recommendations for adapting the exercises?

  6. Wow this amazing . Almost made me tear up from the tension released . I have 4 hernia disks from and accident and also i grind my teeth at night . And have a bad bite . But i'm going to try this every night until i have to visit my orthodontist. Thank you so much i will subscribe. Ps i love your attitude ❤️

  7. thanks! 2 decades I think!!!!!!! Awesome, felt the tension release all down my back too! And a few tears rolled! Nice release, wondering why it took me so long now 🙂

  8. Have a bad "bite" which causes me to grind all throughout the day. this was incredible! just did it in my car and I can even breathe better with so much tension gone. Thanks so much!

  9. Hi there and thank you for this video! I have intense pain from years of suffering with TMJ disorder which in turn caused neck and shoulder pain. I did these exercises for the first time last night. It felt great! But today I am really feeling it. Will it get worse before it gets better?

  10. wow no comments? Thanks for posting this. I've been desperate for a solution to teeth grinding for decades. Mine has been epic and I really need to stop to save my
    teeth from further cracking


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