This sequence helps to release tight shoulders. Great to do when sitting in the office all day! And great preparation for backbends.
Inspired by Eric Schiffmann:

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  1. I cannot believe it…my shoulders are the best they have ever been, and I haven't even done 3 weeks yet, but honestly I cannot thank you enough. I believed would never get better, but I was wrong. I might even be able to get back in to bodybuilding as a result. Thank you so much…

  2. I'm one week in and my chronic shoulder pains are disappearing, seriously i was considering surgery. The arms crossing over is what i think has helped, to get my rear deltoids stretched out. Best routine for me, as it is curing pain that no physio could do. Thank you

  3. Just discovered this video. Is this safe or advisable to do if I have pain from shoulder impingement? the last two stretches caused pain, so I'm not ready for them, but the others felt very good.

  4. Hello there,
    I appreciate your video! I feel much better every time I practice this Yoga session. I suffer from back muscle tension quite often. I must say that this exercise almost removes the pain. Magical but true 🙂

    Thanks a lot.

  5. very nice routine. For those with limited mobility of the shoulders in bringing the arms behind the back for example for reverse prayer Purvatanasana and Ustrasana are nice stepping stones that enable you to gradually tighten the stretch. I know because I am in the camp of very limited should mobility 😀

  6. I spent the last 3 years stocking shelves out and above shoulder height and my shoulders are so, so tight it's painful to even be in child's pose. I'm on day two of this video with my fiancee and we're both feeling wonderful. Will definitely update you once we've reached the 3 week mark. Thank you for this practice!! <3!

  7. oh geez… this is much harder than it looks, that or my shoulders are in worse shape than i thought hahaha gonna try and finish the three weeks but.. i might need some break days :p


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