Tara Stiles: Yoga Weight Loss & Balance Workout is a short but powerful series of authentic Yoga poses that are designed to stretch and strengthen key muscle groups, burn fat, and improve balance for a lean and toned body. Reduce stress and optimize your weight-loss potential with World-Class Yoga Expert, Tara Stiles as she takes you through this flowing and effective exercise that will leave you looking and feeling your best. Sculpt definition in your arms, legs, abs, shoulders, buns, and back with this total body-toning workout that is great for any skill level. Lengthen and strengthen your body with Tara’s powerful vinyasa of authentic yoga and achieve lasting weight-loss results. This calming segment was taken from the “Yoga Transformation: Weight Loss and Balance” Fitness DVD featuring Deepak Chopra and Tara Stiles. Lead with the breath and get in tune with your inner self through the magic of Yoga as you flow through this calorie-burning workout led by Deepak Chopra’s very own private instructor. Train with the professionals right from your very own living room! For more Yoga workouts, Click Here:

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  4. Great instruction. I love the consistent reminder that yoga is non-competitive and that pushing too much compromises the integrity of the pose and the benefit of that pose. Also, how watching the breath and keeping it slow and even is a guide to accuracy and to receiving the full benefit of the yoga practice. Thank you.

  5. I am very excited about this. This looks like a great place to start a real Yoga practice. Sure, the aesthetic improvements are nice, but I am finally to the point in my life that I want to do this for a total mind and body, health-minded practice. Thank you for guiding me when it is impossible to find a proper practice in my area! Namaste

  6. So far I have lost 20 pounds and my stomach seems to be flatter. I am using WeightLossGreenStoreTea in addition to working out four to five times a week. I have been taking the product for about four months, so far, two thumbs up. Looking forward to not only more weight lost, but a toner body

  7. This is my go-to yoga video, I love it. I just wish Youtube wouldn't put those ads in or at the very least, select/cater the ads so I don't have a loud MadMax preview or something totally disrupting in the middle of my practice ;-(

  8. today for the first time, 15 minutes into this video it was interrupted by a three minute commercial. I've been doing this video for a few years. If this is a ploy to get people to buy YouTube Red, too bad. I'm just deleting this one from my Playlist! Interrupt yoga! awful!

  9. how blessed that you took our workout outside — thank you!! Would love to connect with you regarding what I also contribute to the world of fitness —

  10. I have muscle sore from hard aerobic exercise the last 2 days and I thought I couldn't follow this yoga class completely, but wow I made it and my pain is felling better! Yoga is always great!

  11. I'm fairly new to yoga.  I was looking for a good workout that wasn't jumpy or jerky, a good strength and stretch workout that left me feeling fantastic when I was done not exhausted.  I've found it with Tara's yoga video's.  She has a relaxing voice, great instruction in this video and after and hour I feel ready to tackle my day.  I also like her bedtime short yoga video's.

  12. so i just visited california, and after years of following this routine now and then, I can finally recognize the location! Joshua Tree National Park is absolutely beautiful!

  13. Fab work out, as always Tara. You are such a fab teacher…love !
    To everyone who is talking &/ or complaining about the ads…I know that they can be annoying, I get it,you're totally in it & then BAM!! BUT, the ads are paid for by the companies & it is how Youtube is free. GRATEFUL:))


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