Just a funny animation mistake, the perspective ended up being a little confusing to the point where its unsure if Apple Jack kissed Rainbow Dash’s cheek or her teeth.

Oh the comments are regulated but I generally let all comments go. The only reason I regulated them is because people were sneaking virus links into the comment section and I know some kids are here so yeah…

Season 2, episode 8: mysterious mare do well
Song was edited by me with Audacity to make it sound like rainbow dash… its “I kissed a girl” by Katy Perry


  1. I assume that everybody here knows of how Rainbow Dash allegedly kissed Fluttershy in "A Canterlot Wedding", right? If you look at that moment frame-by-frame in hd, it actually shows Fluttershy kissing Rainbow Dash.

  2. Rainbow and Applejack HUGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and that was not a kiss alright people who think they kissed and when they had to fight rd kissed fluttershy and I saw it to it was fast but I saw rd put her lips on fluttershys and rd smiled as she did it


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