Eugenia Cooney… I wondered how she was doing, what she has been up to, so I went to her YouTube channel and found out Eugenia is doing the same thing, triggering people, getting tons of dislikes & not trying to heal herself, as usual. I really hope she gets better, her and the people triggered by her.

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  1. What I previously said: "I am officially resigning from the topic" – That was not a promise, that was a clear resignation, temporary.

    I made this video to check up on her & because I know a lot of you care too.

  2. I'm fat, but being fat is better than being anorexic, and i'm trying to lose a little fat.
    I'm 1,55 metres and 60 kg, and yes, i'm too fat, and i know that, but i'm happy with my body.

  3. Hey onision why the fuckk do you make fun of people why don't you just shut the fuckk up and cash me outside how bout dah because I think you don't know that I can hella roast you more than you roasted everyone 🙂 so please stop get some help mother fucker:D

  4. You know there's a problem when my ARMS are the same size if not bigger than her LEGS. I know that some people have different metabolisms, but that is not natural. I'm sure she's a very nice person (never watched her videos), but she needs help.

  5. Euginea Cooney is just sick and she needs help, but she refuses it and triggers other people….. But hey if she wants to be six feet under then sure, go right ahead and keep on being " perfectly fine"…. There is nothing anyone but Eugenia can do to solve this problem, she has made this clear…..

  6. I'm 15, going to be 16 in august. i am 5'4" and 161 pounds. i am overweight according to my doctors. when i was in 7th grade i was anorexic. the only reason i am overweight is because i depression eat, i got super depressed over last summer and gained 33 pounds. since i gained that weight i have always wanted to be skinny again, i thought about starving myself but only lasted 3 days then i binged and gained even more weight in the process. being called "fat" by a lot of people and getting bullied about it has made me try to kill myself. i have not succeeded as that is obvious. but i have scars to prove it. i have been dating my boyfriend since feb. 26th 2016. and he is 5'6" and 100 pounds. but he cannot help it as he has a fast metabolism. but since the time we have been dating i have progressively gained more weight because he encouraged me to eat. now as i am overweight he encourages me to keep eating and not starve myself. he has said on multiple occasions that he loves my body the way it is. i have slowly accepted that and i can now say i am comfortable and happy with my body. but seeing her so skinny makes me want to be anorexic again. not as skinny as her, no, but skinny enough. i have curves and large breasts and i would like to keep those, but i also wish to be anorexic again.

  7. She is gorgeous. Her outfits, hair, makeup, facial expression, voice, music taste and overall interest are flawless and match mine perfectly. I wish I could meet her once and maybe get some more information.

  8. Even the way she stands she looks like a weak old person with the lack of good posture. She doesn't have any muscle or fat and you need that to survive.

  9. I am 13 years old, I am 5'4" and 145 lbs. I am overweight, I have been told this by my doctor. Eugenia is triggering me to become anorexic, and I sometimes have suicidal thoughts. I am eating healthy now though, thanks to Onision.

  10. For those we say she isn't showing off her body, her winter outfit video is a skirt and a crop top… no one wears that in the winter and I would know I like in California where we literally live in crop tops.


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