Join Adriene on Day 3 of The 30 Days of Yoga journey! Forget What You Know About Yoga! It is so easy to slip into automatic pilot. For today’s sequence, come into a beginners mind. (Bonus if you are a beginner and totally new to yoga!) When we come to this idea of beginner’s mind – we open up to all possibilities.

Use this Day 3 practice to check in with balance and connect to your core center. Let go of expectations and stay receptive as you work to build strength and unlock more space. Again, open up to making new discovery! If you are regular yogi this practice will be a great opportunity to change it up. If you are new to the practice, ROCK ON, you have that beautiful beginners mind already. Seek opportunities to learn – especially in the difficulties. Everyone, close your eyes when you can, move mindfully and trust yourself. Breathe. Breathe slowly. This revitalizing and strengthening sequence is great for balance, core & hip check in, and supports good posture! Explore where you are TODAY.

There are some more restorative practices on the way, I promise! Plus shorter sequences begin to weave in and out! Stick with it!!

Connect and support others down below! Cultivate positivity. Remember each day is different! The journey is the reward! See you tomorrow!

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  1. Does anyone else have difficulty keeping their feet flat in the downwards dog? Or is it just me?
    Also, Day 3 complete. Feeling so relaxed and stress free. Thanks Adriene

  2. Dear Adriene, Your 30days of yoga is my life saver!!!
    I went back to school en stared college in September at age 36. I quit my yoga classes because of my budget as a student now and didn't do any exercises anymore. Just did assignments behind my computer day in day out. A month ago I hit my deep point, so unhappy, stressed out.
    I knew I needed to do something. I missed yoga so much. And then I found your 30 days of yoga, even on day three, I feel the positive changes in my body! It's like you bring me back to life!
    Thank you so so much! You're an angel!

  3. i know you posted this challenge 2 years but i'm new to yoga so i tried out a couple of other vids of your then i decided to do this challenge and it has helped my stress and anxiety sooo much, thanks girl xoxo

  4. I suffer from i would say mild anxiety which is fucking with me for a while now, i would say yoga helped me a lot in that department, i dont feel the anxiety as much, it relaxes me and i can definitely say that it helped me in sports.
    Yoga is the shit. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  5. You're great! Certainly one of the most authentic teachers I've come across.
    Thanks for helping me feel comfortable enough to continue as I get back into practice. As I'm sure most can relate, it can be upsetting to draw attention to how much we've fallen out of shape, gained weight, etc. Anyone who can help us get past that and stick with it gets a thumbs-up in my book!

  6. Absolutely loving this. And loving Adriene. So relaxed and fun at the same time. Only problem I am having is where to put my laptop!As a beginner I keep needing to look up to see what Adriene is doing with her head – is it up or down?! And then I need to move my laptop onto the floor or onto the bed when we change poses…So what is everyone else doing?! Adriene..what should I do?! Thank you all and Namaste 🙂

  7. This one seemed a lot shorter but more challenging. I have a real problem with tightness in the hips of I am looking forward to the one where you really focus on opening them up (if you have any) exercises in todays will definitely help

  8. i was having a discussion with myself the whole day, if i really want do it or not….but the feelingt co i had after first two times and the higher strength in my body after those TWO TIMES were just too impressive so i decided to go on with it…..and wow! when i heard the music i was like…what? is it a little rest? that felt like 5 minutes…..and i feel so much better than the whole day before….thank you! i am sure this will be a war against myself the next 27 days but to think about how i will feel at the end of this month makes me so excited that i won´t give up! this helps so much in my situation now! thank you for this! i always wanted to practice yoga….or just find a sports for me, to deal better with stress, anxiety and to get and stay fit…but i do not have the money or enough believe in myself….i am soooooo gratefull that i found your channel! THANK YOU! now i found sometihing for just myself that totally fits me….i love it! and i want more of it! namaste!

  9. I have ADHD and check the time when I start to lose focus. I was 19 minutes in and was like, "There's no way I can finish the last 10-15 minutes of— Oh. Never mind, I can do 4 minutes."

  10. Just finished day three. I thought it was easier than day two until i sat down afterwards, parts of my body are tired i didn't realize I was working. I feel so good after doing yoga now, makes it addictive, even if i cant get into all the poses 100%.


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