The Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Academy is the largest school of its kind in China. Get a glimpse of the hard work required to master the Chinese martial art in this impressive collaboration between DJ Ben Surkin (represented by Savoir Faire) and filmmaker Inigo Westmeier. Footage was adapted from Westmeier’s 2012 documentary Dragon Girls with music from Gener8tio featuring M.I.A.
Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Academy:
Ben Surkin:
Savoir Faire:
Inigo Westmeier:
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  1. yes, china is fire nation. tibet is air bend nation. china conquered tibet under mao zedong, demolished tibet culture. china stole pachen lama, driven dalai lama from tibet to india (water nation). USA is earth nation who fights injustice fire nation for justice.
    i agree chinese communist party truly is FIRE NATION. if USA don't stop, fire nation will dominate world.

  2. Kind of makes me want to get into martial arts again, but I really don't have the time with the whole college thing(this semester was a mistake, 4 classes, 3 of which are lab classes, and two which have big final projects that require a large amount of time, haven't even started on one of them yet, which is due the week before finals).

  3. If im ever gonna be an absolute ruler of some kind of militaristic big country , im gonna make such things . Few schools would get merged in sort of "pact" . These pacts would have their principals and teachers who would have to keep kids disciplined and fit while begin able to defend themselves . Later to keep this enjoyable by kids while making them competetive , there would be a grand tournament for probably a week where pacts would fight against themselves in certain disciplines .


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