Videoklip vznikol vďaka spolupráci portálu o fitness a kulturistike EastLabs a obchodu s doplnkami výživy (predaj proteínov, kreatínov, gainerov, anabolizantov atď.)


  1. WOW. They actually still look like "women" (vs. female pro bodybuilders=FREAKS…having lost so much natural body fat and put on TOO MUCH muscle pass using the juice). Here they are very toned. Slightly defined but not overly so. 🙂 All beautiful…no "manly" looking women. 🙂 These women probably get asked out a lot..whereas female bodybuilders almost never..unless by male bodybuilders or guys into "HUGELY muscular" women. There is a "market" for that. 🙂

    Well done ladies!!

  2. I love how the comments say this is sexism…. have you ever seen a men;s bodybuilding show? They wear far less than these ladies and even the trunks on men are more skimpy than for the ladies. They are both training their bodies for a great physique, so it's not sexism.

  3. все честно, первое место-самая лучшая, самая пропорциональная без уродливо-огромного силикона, с самой красивой попой, все красиво, все в меру, супер девочка. Еще до решения судей она мне понравилась больше всех.


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